Kickstarter Wrap-Up and the Start of Real Work


With the passing of the whirlwind of the Kickstarter month and the arrival of better weather, it has meant getting down to business here.  The oyster cages have been hauled out of storage where they were stashed ahead of Hurricane Sandy last year.  Fortunately everything is in great shape.  We’ve gotten all the floats marked and lines laid out.  In short we have prepped for our first round of planting.

Kickstarter Surveys

Some of our backers have already received their surveys- (those who ordered shirts, shuckers and stickers).  We are excited to say that our printing orders have gone in and we should have gear out to you folks soon.  For the others, stay tuned.  You will get surveys soon.

The Farm Stand

We received so many requests from people following the Kickstarter campaign for continued opportunities to get shirts, shuckers, and more that we have added a small shop to the site.  Of course the oysters are too small now, but will someday grace this shop for you to order directly.  Until then, grab a shirt or a shucker.  You can also make join the Private Rack program as well as the Founder’s Coin Program.  Click on “SHOP” above to get you there.  As a starter bonus, enter “springseed” at checkout for a 10% discount!

The Buzz Continues

We continue to keep a pretty full schedule meeting up with so many great people.  Many of whom we wouldn’t have known without the Kickstarter opportunity.  The enthusiasm and energy is amazing.  Look for some really great announcements from us soon.


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