Bait & Switch

The little shack in the heart of Greenport Village has seen a fair share of time and tides. It began life as the wheelhouse of a great whaling ship until that fishery faded into history. It was cut off and brought ashore in 1880.

White's Bait Shop

Later, sturdy men gathered around a blazing potbelly stove mended tremendous nets.  As Greenport took its right place as one of the great oyster producing ports of the world, the shack played host to legions of large-handed men straight out of Hemingway- shuckers, baymen, drinkers, and fighters.  Later it provided bait, tackle, skiffs and advice to the sport fishermen who came to chase the great schools of fish in the bay and Plum Gut.

The great brown tides of the 80’s laid waste to much of the oyster fleet as  most of the working waterfront and gave way to the tourist trade.  The old bait shop sat mostly empty these last couple of years though there was always some bait for the old regulars and t-shirts for the kids. Then, Hurricane Sandy dealt a particularly tough blow.

What better place for Little Creek to come ashore.

We are excited to announce that we will be opening in this little shack on the water.  As a result, this summer it will once again become a part of Greenport’s working waterfront.  Little Creek will use it as the farm’s headquarters and shipping center.


Of course, oysters will be center stage. Customers can buy bags of fresh oysters and shuck them at one of the picnic tables, which encourage interaction with strangers creating a sense of community.

Waterfront tables

Shucking instruction is available!  We’ll have a variety of shucking tools to try as well.

Shucking at the Shack

Picnic supplies, saltwater flies, handmade tackle and other unique durable goods will available to round out the offerings. Due to the inclusive approach, other small growers and farmers will have the opportunity to showcase the fruits of their labor as well.

AB Pepper Sauce

The space will be programmed with a wide range of events. Community and education outreach programs include a unique opportunity to build marine observation buoys, screen award winning documentaries. Tasting activities are in the works pairing with local wineries, craft breweries and other food entrepreneurs to bring a complete taste of the North Fork.


Watch our Facebook Page for opening day announcements.

Oyster Farm & Market

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