World Water Day

World Water Day is a United Nations initiative to raise awareness and spur action for members of the global community who struggle with water related issues. We are honored to participate, not only in this day, but as water stewards everyday.  Little Creek Oysters and our oyster farming partners on the East End of Long Island, NY have already prepared for these themes ahead.

"World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year. It’s a day to celebrate water. 
It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. 
It’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future." []

Every year brings a new theme.  In 2015 the theme is “Water and Sustainable Development”. World Water Day 2016 will be around ‘Water and Jobs’, in 2017 around ‘Wastewater’ and in 2018 around ‘Nature-based Solutions for Water”


Peconic Pearls

We are proud to work with the growers of Peconic Pearls- the New York members of the Noank Cooperative.  Peconic Pearls are a sustainably grown in the Peconics, an “EPA estuary of national significance” (and our home waters!).  Pearls are sold with a premium with the proceeds earmarked for significant environmental projects.  The Cooperative has just announced their first major project.  In cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County Marine Program, with matching funds from National Grid Foundation, the Coop will embark on a study of nitrogen loading.

Through the study, the hope is to determine the rate at which nitrogen is entering the bay at various sites and determine which areas contribute the most pollution from groundwater.

Peconic Pearls and Cornell Cooperative Extension study of nitrogen and groundwater seepage.

The study is scheduled to be released in summer 2015.  Learn more at

We regularly feature Peconic Pearls at our Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market in Greenport

#4PureWater and Finlandia Vodka

Nobody said that all of this water awareness has to be serious science!  Some of what is missing is the awareness itself.  A sort of mindfulness, about how and where water impacts our lives.  From that glass in front of you to the ski slope below you.  From the raging rapids to the life giving rains.  Fish fowl and game and of course our oystering community.  Finlandia Vodka set out this year to make a point that they use only the purest water to make their vodka, so they have a vested interested in making sure it stays pure.  Finlandia would like you to Raise a glass for pure water.

As part of their #4purewater campaign on social media they are donating $1 for every photo posted on social media with the hashtag #4purewater. Share a pic of how pure water impacts your life, # it and Finlandia will dig deep for the cause.  

WWD_enWorld Water Day themes:

2015 Water and Sustainable Development

Oyster farms help secure some of the last working waterfront.  The products we grow naturally contribute to the overall health of our estuaries and bays.  As miles of our shoreline become developed, hardscaped and highly populated the strain on our waterways reaches critical mass.

2016 Water and Jobs

Whether via multi-generational operations, individual entrepreneurism, groundbreaking local legislation, or just plain waterfront gumption, the increase in aquaculture operations creates jobs.  The economic spread includes job titles ranging from farmhand to marketing director.  Marine science, finance, legal, logistics, light manufacturing, boat building, tech, app design, programming all have touched our small operation in just two years.  Multiplied out by the number of small oyster growers, and some quite large operations and you have a veritable army whose livelihoods depend on good water stewardship and planning.

2017 Wastewater

Managing the wastewater produced by our growing population is key to keeping our waters safe and clean.  Aging sewer infrastructure and septic systems, stormwater overflows, shorelines hardened by paved road ends and parking lots all contribute a stressed waterway.  Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contributes to ocean acidification.   Globally, as these inputs are studied, it becomes clearer that there need to be some changes made.  The re-introduction of an oyster population certainly does help, as any incomplete ecosystem needs all members present to function.  These little shells will in no solve the whole puzzle until these other inputs are brought in line as well.

2018 Nature-based Solutions for Water

By 2018, we hope to join many of our aquaculture community in celebrating the grand efforts of our charges and their offspring.  Leveraging an economic engine for a social good is a pretty fantastic way move ahead.

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