Oysters Grow Good People

Thanks to all of our great backers, supporters, cheerleaders and assorted mischief makers we have passed our first stretch goal.  Your support of this project has been absolutely amazing.

With that goal reached we were able to increase our spring seed order (in size and in quantity) giving us all an even stronger start.  Congratulations team!

We spent some time across the Sound in Connecticut and Rhode Island on a little field trip. Scrounging boat yards, meeting fellow oyster farmers, doing a little “market research…  Thanks to all of the farmers we met who were so generous with their time and information.

Grilled oysters @Matunuck Oyster Bar

The first sample shuckers arrived today!  We have a handful to pick from, and we’ll be putting them to the test this week.  Just a sneak peak:

First sample shuckers are in!

The Kickstarter clock still has some time left on it and there are still some rewards left- a few Private racks, Founder’s Coins, 2014 “Name That Oyster” opportunities, shuckers, stickers and of course participation in our “Throw Some Back” effort.

There will be more updates coming your way soon.  Thanks again for your support!


First shuckers!


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