Stretch Goals and New Rewards

Hey Kickstarters!  

We want you to know that we are so thankful to all of our supporters.  Those who have come on board our team as backers as well those who have helped us tell our story and become our ambassadors.  We have accomplished so much together already.  Look for some really great press and announcements from us in the next week.

We have been asked about coming up with some stretch goals.  While we have surpassed our original funding goal, there has been so much enthusiasm and with a few weeks still to go, we keep answering questions about  “what’s next?”  So here it is.  As we continue to grow our team with new backers we have put some serious thought to our stretch goals and have also come up with some new rewards.  We hope our original backers will see that we are emerging stronger everyday and that your leap of faith was so very important.

Stretch Goals:

We are so grateful for the funds raised so far.  We’d like to share the following, not simply as stretch goals, but also to let our great community know where we are heading.

$12,500  This target allows us to have an even stronger initial planting with the expanded use of larger (more expensive) seed which would let us get to harvest earlier.  This of course would benefit our earliest backers as much as our newest team members.
$17,500 At this level we are able to build more of our custom growing equipment increasing our growing capacity and to accommodate more “name that oyster” and private rack opportunities.  If we reach this goal, every backer of $100 or more receives a pair of Little Creek oyster knives, personalized with their name laser engraved into the handle.  This is in addition to whichever reward is chosen.
$20,000 This goal would achieve vital improvements to the shore side operation including the development of our seed nursery which we would operate in cooperation with other small farmers.  This is the beginnings of our aquaculture incubator initiative to assist other startups by leveraging shared resources. If we reach this level we look forward to

New Rewards!

You have been asking, so here are a few new rewards!

Naming Rights for the 2014 growing season

Due to popular demand we are opening more Naming Rights opportunities.  To preserve the uniqueness of each naming campaign, we are keeping the 2013 season slots closed but opening up 10 new slots for what the 2014 season.  5 of these slots will be for seed that is started late this autumn.  5 slots will go for the first seed to be planted in the spring of 2014.  Backers will continue to have the opportunity to weigh in on preferences to match their names- big, small,  cute, gnarly looking…

Private Rack for Founder’s Coin holders.

We know that many of our Coin Holders are likely to want to take advantage of having a private rack of oysters grown just for them.  To honor the early commitment of these supporters, we are opening 10 private rack spaces for Coin Holders at $175 per 250 oysters.

All rack holders will be involved in every step of the growth- including seed selection and target size.  Regular updates with photos and measurements will let you track the growth of your oysters in this unique program.

For new members this is a $675 reward.  For existing Coin Holders it is an added pledge of $175.

Founder’s Coin FAQ

While we are on the subject, if you’d like clarification on the Founders program, there is additional information in the FAQ section, or send a message with your questions.

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