Up Your Oystergame!

The relaunched inahalfshell.com and a new oyster skills class are raising the bar!


Every oysterfan worth their brine probably knows Julie Qiu and her work on inahalfshell.com.  In case you’ve been attached to a rock and missed it all, I encourage you to go take a look.  I suggest proceeding with caution however as Julie has been all over the world, amassing some incredible experiences and tasting oysters you likely don’t know anything about.  Daydreaming and envy are distinct possible results.  Her JOURNAL is full of head-spinning experiences with great pictures to tell the tales.



InAHalfShell was just relaunched with a brand new look and a whole new approach. This thing just got serious. (As if it wasn’t serious before.) In an evolutionary approach, Julie is taking her personal passion for oysters to the masses.

 Julie says on her site "My goal is to help fellow oyster lovers cultivate a better “half shell” experience wherever they go, one that’s more informed and valuable. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned aficionado, I hope to there’s always something new to discover here."

Oyster Concierge

Where InAHalfShell.com was always great destination to follow vicariously as Julie cracked open the oyster world, the revised destination helps educate now and future oysterfans, contains restaurant reviews, helps select and our favorite the beautiful new “Oyster Concierge” .  There are tasting notes, descriptions and links for a great many variety of oysters out there.  She’s got filter tools to help cut through the piles to find exactly the right shellfish, or build your fantasy half-shell spread!

Oyster concierge filters from inahalfshell.com

Oyster concierge filters from inahalfshell.com

School for Oysters

Well, really a school for oyster eaters!  Julie has just launched an exciting new course hosted on Skillshare called “Oyster Confidence.”  It is billed as a “Practical Guide to Boost Your Half Shell Game.”


From the course description:

In this class, oyster connoisseur and expert Julie Qiu walks you through oyster ins and outs. You’ll learn how to know what you’re eating, where oysters come from, how to taste an oyster (like a connoisseur!), which beverages pair best, how to shuck an oyster cleanly and safely, and how to serve oysters in a beautiful way!

We look forward to hordes of new oysterfans out there and can’t wait to hear about their experience with the course.

Now go “Up Your #Oystergame”!


Where to find Julie and InAHalfShell.com:

www.inahalfshell.com (of course)



http://instagram.com/inahalfshellblog (TONS of pics!)

and the new Skillshare course.







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