The Apron Project

We are really happy and proud (and not a little bit amazed) to share that we have been showcased by Progressive Insurance as part of their new “Apron Project“. [Click the headline to watch the video.]

Be sure to check out the whole project:

Apron Project

A quick glance at some of our Apron Project colleagues leaves us humbled and proud to keep their company.

We had an incredible day out on the farm with their crew who had been criss-crossing the country collecting these stories.  It was our extreme pleasure to share the beauty of  Peconic Bay and to talk a bit about the Peconic Bay, Little Creek Oysters and what kind of goals we set for ourselves as a company and as a group of people just trying to do something to leave things a little better than we find it.  They were a wonderfully smart, positive group of people and we hope to see them back on the farm soon.

Nate on top of the House

Nate braving the doghouse roof.

The day was made possible with a ton of help from our amazing community.  Kyle and Brendan from our home base at The Station in New Suffolk lent a vital hand with a chase boat. (So that’s what we look like on the water!”).

Brendan aboard the chase boat.

Brendan aboard the chase boat.

Chef Keith Luce of The Square in Greenport could not have been more generous with his restaurant or time, opening his doors just to help tell our story.  (Thanks to Keith and and to Warren for shucking some of the first LIttle Creeks ever!)

Little Creeks at The Square

Little Creeks at The Square

Of course we know that it is impossible to share an entire story in one video, or one post.  The big picture of what is happening on Peconic Bay is amazing and so much larger than us.

The kind of oyster farming we do isn’t unique to us and we’d like to acknowledge that our peers in the bay and around the world have accomplished so much and we have learned much from their shared experiences.  We believe our own mission, to use this economic engine for good- good for our environment and good for our local economy is what helps give added strength to what we do.

We acknowledge that there is so much more to talk about including to give credit to all those who have come before, who set the stage for “new guys” like us to accomplish what we have done already and position us for the future.

Hauling Cages

With this in mind we feel we need like to share credit with:

All the hard working oyster farmers and baymen of  Peconic Bay who by their very nature are incredible stewards of our most prized asset.  So many have come before and there are more to come.  We are proud to share the water with you.

Everyone who worked so hard to make the Suffolk County Aquaculture Program a possibility and from our perspective a success.  We know that your efforts were hard fought and hold them high as something to honor as we work every day.

The aquaculture community at large who have been so open with information and resource sharing and those who embrace that the right kind of competition makes all stronger.

Of course as anyone who has been following our story so far, we must once again say a gracious and hearty thank you to the Kickstarter supporters who came on board so early and added incredible momentum.

Heartfelt thanks to C. Dubois and the Baroness for all their support and magic beans.

To our families and friends, without your support we’d be just treading so much water.

In the spirit of paying it forward we’d like to share some of our own suggested links:

Suffolk County Aquaculture Project: The groundbreaking economic development program that opened the door for little guys like us to participate.

Peconic Pearls: Premium Oysters with proceeds to benefit the Peconic Bay

SPAT : Community Aquaculture Program

Forty North Oyster Farm: Oyster farm in Mantoloking NJ, rebuilding after Sandy.

Peconic BayKeeper

Peconic Estuary Program

To keep up with what’s happening on the farm:

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