Growing Growing Growing

It seems we are well overdue for an update!    It has been a wickedly busy first summer here at the oyster farm.

Growing Oysters, Growing Pains, Growing Excitement.

Much to catch up on, so here goes:


We were very fortunate to have found an amazing home base at The Station in New Suffolk.

The Station

It has been a joy and a privilege to work from this dock and get to know so many people who stopped by to see what we were up to.


Kyle, Brendan and the whole crew at The Station have been amazing to work with and we hope to see this grow for all as Kyle works to build the Station into something amazing.  If you are in New Suffolk, stop by and say hello.  Be sure to stop in at the Station too!


With the farm all planted with the first round (Thanks Kickstarters!)  and a home base to work from, we set about getting the workboat at least a little less rough about the edges.  Working the kinks out of our systems, hauling cages, sorting, shaking, tumbling, rinsing, and dropping.

We’ve been busy tracking all of the work and growth using some really cool cloud based tools that we think will have great long term benefit as we plan for the next rounds.

Blustery & Summer?

Well, the hard work continued, until…it didn’t!

Growing Pains...

With one hoist of a cage that clearly contained some overachieving (overeating?) oysters, the old winch groaned,cried uncle and turned no more.  Newer, heavier duty gear went in This preceded a few other mechanical shutdowns in between continued sorting, etc.  It was a bumpy ride for a minute, but we chalked it up to growing pains.  The support from our community was crucial and we would have been dead in the water without some expert help from the star marine mechanics at Romeo Dimon Marine.  These guys braved our “franken-engine” and set us straight, better than ever.  Huge thanks to Steve and Chris.

Growing Excitement!

Cages at sunrise on the farm

So back to work, and on to the fun news.  The oysters are growing beautifully.  We may be biased, but all here agree they taste really good.  Like really really good.  Hey, even a few lucky “civilians” agree!

Rosalie sorts through some of the faster growers

Rosalie sorts through some of the faster growers

There are many that are market ready, at least on the smaller side of your standard oyster plate.  We will be offering a few sizes to cater to particular tastes (and of course to fit some of our Kickstarter Oyster Namer’s ideas.)

Private Rack holders will have to start making some choices- sizes and even shapes.  This year or next.

Sorting the oysters at sunrise.

Sorting the oysters at sunrise.

We are lining up some really fantastic events for the fall harvest season- get ready!

An ongoing special thanks to our Kickstarter Community for their continued support and excitement.

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