Last of the Kickstarter Challenges: 3 Days to Go!

The last month has been an amazing experience.

As long time believers of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding it was incredible to find ourselves inside the whirlwind.   We have achieved our funding goals and even passed our first stretch goal enabling us to get off to a strong stable start.  You would think that this would be the most valuable component of the Project.  But it turns out that it isn’t.

The greatest surprise is inn the amazing group of people we now feel we are carrying along with us.  It feels like there are almost a hundred people around us, cheering, offering help, high-fives, insights and more.  It is this currency that will stay with us so long after the money runs down.

So what to do with our last few days?  How about a challenge?  Can we find more friends?  Since we feed off the energy of our supporters, we’d like to meet 25 new people!

So, we have a new goal- 25 new backers, at any pledge amount.  $1 is awesome.

If you aren’t on board already, come on over!   For those who jumped on during our project (and before) thanks for your continued support.

Kickstarter Project is here:

And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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